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Hello there, I am Denner, a physics Professor. I created this page in an intent to train HTML and CSS. You will also find some information about me and my work. Feel free to contact me 😁

About me

Welcome from wherever you are. My name is Denner Vieira. I have been studying physics since 2010. I live in Brazil, in Maringá (Paraná state), where I got my bachelor's degree (2013), my master's degree (2015), and my Ph.D. in physics (2019) at the Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM) . During the latter, I spent six months (one of them entirely in the dark) in Finland, working directly with Janne Alahuhta at the University of Oulu . Today I am an Assistant Professor at UEM and proudly part of the ComplexLab .


Here I will put texts and links to projects I worked or am working on.


These are the papers I worked on during so far. I want to thank everyone that worked or is working with me for their patience and great ideas. I hope we continue collaborating over the years.

Electrical conductivity and an approximate mean square displacement.

R. R. Guimarães, D. S. Vieira, T. P. Petrucci, H. Mukai, P. R. G. Fernandes, R. S. Mendes, Indian Journal of Physics 93, 1437-1443 (2019). PDF | DOI

Anomalous diffusion behavior in parliamentary presence.

Denner S. Vieira, Jesus M. E. Riveros, Max Jauregui, Renio S. Mendes, Phys. Rev. E 99, 042141 (2019). PDF | DOI

Robustness of sentence length measures in written texts.

Denner S. Vieira, Sergio Picoli, Renio S. Mendes, Physica A 506, 749 (2018). PDF | DOI

Ion Motion in Electrolytic Cells: Anomalous Diffusion Evidences.

E. K. Lenzi, R. S. Zola, H. V. Ribeiro, D. S. Vieira, F. Ciuchi, A. Mazzulla, N. Scaramuzza, and L. R. Evangelista, J. Phys. Chem. B 121, 2882–2886 (2017). PDF | DOI

Asymptotic behaviors of the Poisson-Nernst-Planck model, generalizations and best adjust of experimental data.

E.K. Lenzi, R.S. Zola, R. Rossato, H.V. Ribeiro, D.S. Vieira, L.R. Evangelista, Electrochimica Acta 226, 40 (2017). PDF | DOI

Surface Roughness Influence on CPE Parameters in Electrolytic Cells.

Denner S. Vieira, Paulo R. G. Fernandes, Hatsumi Mukai, Rafael S. Zola, Giane Gonçalves Lenzi, Ervin K. Lenzi, Int. J. Electrochem. Sci. 11, 7775-7784 (2016). PDF | DOI

Structural characterization of (Bi1-xGdx)14W2O27 (x = 0.00 and 0.05) synthesized via mechano-thermal treatment.

R. T. Santiago, D. S. Vieira, R. L. Biagio, V. G. Camargo, C. F. C. Machado, M. Fabián, K. L. da Silva, V. Šepelák, Integrated Ferroelectrics 174, 56-62 (2016). PDF | DOI

Solutions for a sorption process governed by a fractional diffusion equation.

E.K. Lenzi, M.A.F. dos Santos, D.S. Vieira, R.S. Zola, H.V. Ribeiro, Physica A 443, 32 (2016). PDF | DOI

Solutions for a fractional diffusion equation: Anomalous diffusion and adsorption-desorption processes.

E. K. Lenzi, M. A. F. dos Santos, M. K. Lenzi, D. S. Vieira, L. R. da Silva, Journal of King Saud University – Science (2015). PDF | DOI

Solutions for a fractional diffusion equation with radial symmetry and integro-differential boundary conditions.

E. K. Lenzi, D. S. Vieira, M. K. Lenzi, G. G. Lenzi, D. P. Leitoles, Thermal Science 19, S1-S6 (2015). PDF | DOI

Temperature dependence of refractive index and of electrical impedance of grape seed (Vitis vinifera, Vitis labrusca) oils extracted by Soxhlet and mechanical pressing.

D.S. Vieira, M. Menezes, G. Gonçalves, H. Mukai, E.K. Lenzi, N.C. Pereira and P.R.G. Fernandes, Grasas y Aceites 66, e083 (2015). PDF | DOI


Here I am going to put information on how people can contact me.